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    Stargate Atlantis – Seasons 1η, 2η, 3η, 4η – All Episodes (2004-2008)


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    Stargate Atlantis – Seasons 1η, 2η, 3η, 4η – All Episodes (2004-2008) Empty Stargate Atlantis – Seasons 1η, 2η, 3η, 4η – All Episodes (2004-2008)

    Mesazh  web-shqip prej Sat Nov 14, 2009 3:25 am

    Stargate Atlantis – Seasons 1η, 2η, 3η, 4η – All Episodes (2004-2008) Atlant10

    Η 1η, 2η, 3η, 4η SEASON σε HD.

    Compression XviD (Avi files)

    Season Episodes Originally aired

    Stargate Atlantis Season 1 20 2004–2005
    Stargate Atlantis Season 2 20 2005–2006
    Stargate Atlantis Season 3 20 2006–2007
    Stargate Atlantis Season 4 20 2007–2008
    Stargate Atlantis Season 5 20 2008–2009

    Δημηουργοί : Brad Wright και Robert C. Cooper
    Κατηγορία : Επιστημονικής Φαντασίας
    Γλώσσα : Αγγλικά
    Υπότιτλοι : srt
    Διάρκεια : 43 - 45 λεπτά ανά επεισόδιο
    Χρώμα : Έγχρωμη
    Ήχος : Στέρεο

    Format......: XviD (2 pass)
    Source......: DvD
    Resolution..: 650x352
    Frame.Rate..: 25 fps

    Format......: AC3 2.0

    Υπόθεση – Σχόλια :

    Μία διεθνής ομάδα επιστημόνων και στρατιωτικών ανακαλύπτουν μία Αστροπύλη (Stargate), η οποία αποτελεί την είσοδο σε ένα διαστημικό δίκτυο στον γαλαξία του Πήγασου. Έτσι έρχονται πρόσωπο με πρόσωπο με ένα νέο, παντοδύναμο εχθρό. Τους Ρέϊθ (Wraith).

    pass :

    Stargate Atlantis Season 1

    Season 1, Episode 1 and 2: Rising

    Original Air Date: 16 July 2004
    A team of scientists think they have found the location of the long lost city of Atlantis. It can be reached by a stargate that leads to another galaxy. SAGA1x0102.part1.rar SAGA1x0102.part2.rar SAGA1x0102.part3.rar SAGA1x0102.part4.rar SAGA1x0102.part5.rar SAGA1x0102.part6.rar SAGA1x0102.part7.rar SAGA1x0102.part8.rar

    Season 1, Episode 3: Hide and Seek (Lockdown)
    Original Air Date: 23 July 2004
    Rodney can't get rid of a device that makes him invincible, disabling him to drink or eat. Meanwhile power malfunctions and one of the Athosians mentions seeing a shadow. SAGA1x03.part1.rar SAGA1x03.part2.rar SAGA1x03.part3.rar SAGA1x03.part4.rar

    Season 1, Episode 4: Thirty Eight Minutes
    Original Air Date: 30 July 2004
    Sheppard gets bitten by a wraith-like bug and is dying. While the puddle jumper returns it gets stuck in the Stargate. There's 38 minutes for a solution. SAGA1x04.part1.rar SAGA1x04.part2.rar SAGA1x04.part3.rar SAGA1x04.part4.rar

    Season 1, Episode 5: Suspicion
    Original Air Date: 6 August 2004
    There's suspicion of a Wraith collaborator and some of the team suspect the Athosians. Ford and Sheppard find land on Atlantis' planet. SAGA1x05.part1.rar SAGA1x05.part2.rar SAGA1x05.part3.rar SAGA1x05.part4.rar

    Season 1, Episode 6: Childhood's End
    Original Air Date: 13 August 2004
    Rodney investigates a ZPM from a planet whose inhabitants kill themselves when they turned 25 years old to prevent the Wraiths from finding them profitable. SAGA1x06.part1.rar SAGA1x06.part2.rar SAGA1x06.part3.rar SAGA1x06.part4.rar

    Season 1, Episode 7: Poisoning the Well
    Original Air Date: 20 August 2004
    Atlantis offers help to the Hoffans, who are working on a cure against the Wraith. SAGA1x07.part1.rar SAGA1x07.part2.rar SAGA1x07.part3.rar SAGA1x07.part4.rar

    Season 1, Episode 8: Underground
    Original Air Date: 27 August 2004
    Atlantis wants to trade food with the Genii, a simple civilization who turn out to be not so simple. They are planning a nuclear attack against the Wraith. SAGA1x08.part1.rar SAGA1x08.part2.rar SAGA1x08.part3.rar SAGA1x08.part4.rar

    Season 1, Episode 9: Home
    Original Air Date: 10 September 2004
    A strange energy generating fog allows travel back to Earth. But something's wrong. SAGA1x09.part1.rar SAGA1x09.part2.rar SAGA1x09.part3.rar SAGA1x09.part4.rar

    Season 1, Episode 10: The Storm
    Original Air Date: 17 September 2004
    Two hurricanes are approaching Atlantis and an evacuation is necessary. The leader of the planet taking them in tells the Genii about the situation. SAGA1x10.part1.rar SAGA1x10.part2.rar SAGA1x10.part3.rar SAGA1x10.part4.rar

    Season 1, Episode 11: The Eye

    Original Air Date: 8 November 2004
    McKay and Weir start repairing the grounding station, while Sheppard tries to fight Kolya. The puddle jumper on the mainland enters the eye of the storm. SAGA1x11.part1.rar SAGA1x11.part2.rar SAGA1x11.part3.rar SAGA1x11.part4.rar SAGA1x12.part1.rar

    Season 1, Episode 12: The Defiant One

    Original Air Date: 15 November 2004
    Major John Sheppard, Rodney McKay and two scientists explore a planet where a Wraith spaceship, which fell there 10,000 years ago, during the Atlantis-Wraith War, is still sending a SOS signal. SAGA1x12.part2.rar SAGA1x12.part3.rar SAGA1x12.part4.rar

    Season 1, Episode 13: Hot Zone

    Original Air Date: 22 November 2004
    A team of scientists, including McKay, Zelenka and Ford, are exposed to a deadly virus. Sheppard goes after one of the scientists trying to escape. SAGA1x13.part1.rar SAGA1x13.part2.rar SAGA1x13.part3.rar SAGA1x13.part4.rar

    Season 1, Episode 14: Sanctuary

    Original Air Date: 29 November 2004
    Sheppard invites a priestess, who claims to not know about a weapon protecting her planet from the Wraith, to Atlantis to discuss asylum for refugees. SAGA1x14.part1.rar SAGA1x14.part2.rar SAGA1x14.part3.rar SAGA1x14.part4.rar

    Season 1, Episode 15: Before I Sleep

    Original Air Date: 6 December 2004
    It's Elizabeth's birthday and she gets a very special gift: a woman who has been in stasis in an Atlantis' laboratory for 10,000 years and is actually herself. SAGA1x15.part1.rar SAGA1x15.part2.rar SAGA1x15.part3.rar SAGA1x15.part4.rar

    Season 1, Episode 16: The Brotherhood

    Original Air Date: 3 January 2005
    The team is on Dagan, where they must find key stones to retrieve a ZPM. Zelenka finds out Atlantis has a deep space scanner. SAGA1x16.part1.rar SAGA1x16.part2.rar SAGA1x16.part3.rar SAGA1x16.part4.rar

    Season 1, Episode 17: Letters from Pegasus

    Original Air Date: 10 January 2005
    McKay finds a way to send a message to Earth, leaving space for personal messages. Sheppard and Teyla are off to spy on the Wraith fleet approaching Atlantis. SAGA1x17.part1.rar SAGA1x17.part2.rar SAGA1x17.part3.rar SAGA1x17.part4.rar

    Season 1, Episode 18: The Gift

    Original Air Date: 17 January 2005
    Teyla is haunted by nightmares, leaving her agitated. After seeing a psychologist, an old Athosian woman tells her a secret about her ability to sense the Wraith. SAGA1x18.part1.rar SAGA1x18.part2.rar SAGA1x18.part3.rar SAGA1x18.part4.rar

    Season 1, Episode 19: The Siege: Part 1

    Original Air Date: 24 January 2005
    McKay and Zelenka come up with the idea to repair the Ancients' weapon satellite. Bates and Teyla get into a fight, he is found unconscious a while later. SAGA1x19.part1.rar SAGA1x19.part2.rar SAGA1x19.part3.rar SAGA1x19.part4.rar

    Season 1, Episode 20: The Siege: Part 2

    Original Air Date: 31 January 2005
    All hope seems lost, until Colonel Everett arrives suddenly from Earth. He is determined to defend the city until the arrival of a ZPM, brought by a new ship. SAGA1x20.part1.rar SAGA1x20.part2.rar SAGA1x20.part3.rar SAGA1x20.part4.rar

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    Stargate Atlantis – Seasons 1η, 2η, 3η, 4η – All Episodes (2004-2008) Empty Stargate Atlantis Season 2

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    Stargate Atlantis Season 2

    Stargate Atlantis Season 2

    Season 2, Episode 1: The Siege: Part 3

    Original Air Date: 15 July 2005
    The Daedalus arrives and the two hive ships are destroyed. Atlantis seems saved, then Zelenka detects 12 more ships. Ford seems changed after a fall in the water. SAGA2x01.part1.rar SAGA2x01.part2.rar SAGA2x01.part3.rar SAGA2x01.part4.rar

    Season 2, Episode 2: The Intruder

    Original Air Date: 22 July 2005
    McKay, Sheppard, Beckett and Weir are on the Daedalus. McKay finds a Wraith virus that is infecting ship systems and sending a signal to the Wraith. SAGA2x02.part1.rar SAGA2x02.part2.rar SAGA2x02.part3.rar SAGA2x02.part4.rar

    Season 2, Episode 3: Runner

    Original Air Date: 29 July 2005
    The team is searching for Ford on a planet. Teyla and Sheppard are taken hostage by a stranger, while Ford tries to convince McKay that he's normal. SAGA2x03.part1.rar SAGA2x03.part2.rar SAGA2x03.part3.rar SAGA2x03.part4.rar

    Season 2, Episode 4: Duet

    Original Air Date: 5 August 2005
    After an attempt to retrieve McKay and soldier Laura Cadman from the memory banks of a Wraith dart, Cadman gets stuck in McKay's mind. SAGA2x04.part1.rar SAGA2x04.part2.rar SAGA2x04.part3.rar SAGA2x04.part4.rar

    Season 2, Episode 5: Condemned

    Original Air Date: 12 August 2005
    The team discovers a planet where the stargate is kept on a prison island to keep the Wraith satisfied. Their magistrate is willing to trade a rare mineral. SAGA2x05.part1.rar SAGA2x05.part2.rar SAGA2x05.part3.rar SAGA2x05.part4.rar

    Season 2, Episode 6: Trinity

    Original Air Date: 19 August 2005
    The team discover an Ancient project to create the ultimate power source. McKay thinks he can finish it. Ronon finds out he is not the only surviving Satedan. SAGA2x06.part1.rar SAGA2x06.part2.rar SAGA2x06.part3.rar SAGA2x06.part4.rar

    Season 2, Episode 7: Instinct

    Original Air Date: 26 August 2005
    The team find a hidden Wraith girl, cared for by a man with a serum stilling her hunger. Beckett wants to perfect a retrovirus turning Wraith into Humans. SAGA2x07.part1.rar SAGA2x07.part2.rar SAGA2x07.part3.rar SAGA2x07.part4.rar

    Season 2, Episode 8: Conversion

    Original Air Date: 9 September 2005
    Sheppard is infected with the Wraith retrovirus and slowly turns into an Iratus bug. To provide a treatment stem cells must be retrieved from one of their eggs. SAGA2x08.part1.rar SAGA2x08.part2.rar SAGA2x08.part3.rar SAGA2x08.part4.rar

    Season 2, Episode 9: Aurora

    Original Air Date: 23 September 2005
    McKay finds an Ancient warship adrift in space. Sheppard finds out they are carrying a communique that mentions a weakness in Wraith technology. SAGA2x09.part1.rar SAGA2x09.part2.rar SAGA2x09.part3.rar SAGA2x09.part4.rar

    Season 2, Episode 10: The Lost Boys

    Original Air Date: 23 September 2005
    The team is captured by Ford and are forced to take the Wraith enzyme. Ford has a plan. SAGA2x10.part1.rar SAGA2x10.part2.rar SAGA2x10.part3.rar SAGA2x10.part4.rar

    Season 2, Episode 11: The Hive

    Original Air Date: 21 November 2005
    Sheppard's interrogation is suddenly aborted. Teyla senses another hive ship has arrived. Meanwhile McKay tries to convince his guard to call in help. SAGA2x11.part1.rar SAGA2x11.part2.rar SAGA2x11.part3.rar SAGA2x11.part4.rar

    Season 2, Episode 12: Epiphany

    Original Air Date: 28 November 2005
    The teams discovers a ridge that can only be entered through a door. Sheppard gets pulled in by a field. McKay discovers time goes very fast behind it. SAGA2x12.part1.rar SAGA2x12.part2.rar SAGA2x12.part3.rar SAGA2x12.part4.rar

    Season 2, Episode 13: Critical Mass

    Original Air Date: 5 December 2005
    The Trust, a Goa'uld terrorist organization, has planted a bomb in Atlantis. SAGA2x13.part1.rar SAGA2x13.part2.rar SAGA2x13.part3.rar SAGA2x13.part4.rar

    Season 2, Episode 14: Grace Under Pressure

    Original Air Date: 12 December 2005
    McKay and a pilot crash with a puddle jumper into the ocean on Atlantis. They start to sink. SAGA2x14.part1.rar SAGA2x14.part2.rar SAGA2x14.part3.rar SAGA2x14.part4.rar

    Season 2, Episode 15: The Tower

    Original Air Date: 19 December 2005
    The Stargate Atlantis team finds a world where the leader lives in a tower who possesses the power to stop the Wraith attacks. SAGA2x15.part1.rar SAGA2x15.part2.rar SAGA2x15.part3.rar SAGA2x15.part4.rar

    Season 2, Episode 16: The Long Goodbye

    Original Air Date: 2 January 2006
    The team discovers two life pods with a dying woman and man in it. Upon opening Weir gets imprinted with the mind of the woman. She asks a special favor. SAGA2x16.part1.rar SAGA2x16.part2.rar SAGA2x16.part3.rar SAGA2x16.part4.rar

    Season 2, Episode 17: Coup D'etat

    Original Air Date: 9 January 2006
    While Teyla and Ronon investigate the mysterious death of major Lorne, the Genii Ladon Radim contacts Atlantis. He wants to trade in a ZPM. SAGA2x17.part1.rar SAGA2x17.part2.rar SAGA2x17.part3.rar SAGA2x17.part4.rar

    Season 2, Episode 18: Michael

    Original Air Date: 16 January 2006
    Michael Kenmore, a new lieutenant, awakes in the infirmary and doesn't remember a thing. The crew is very concerned about his well-being, he seems different. SAGA2x18.part1.rar SAGA2x18.part2.rar SAGA2x18.part3.rar SAGA2x18.part4.rar

    Season 2, Episode 19: Inferno

    Original Air Date: 23 January 2006
    Atlantis helps with repairing an Ancient shield generator on Taranis. They discover the Taranians are in possession of an Ancient warship. SAGA2x19.part1.rar SAGA2x19.part2.rar SAGA2x19.part3.rar SAGA2x19.part4.rar

    Season 2, Episode 20: Allies
    Original Air Date: 30 January 2006
    The hive ship approaching Atlantis is Michael's. He wants a trade: the retrovirus for not revealing the secret of Atlantis and insights on Wraith technology. SAGA2x20.part1.rar SAGA2x20.part2.rar SAGA2x20.part3.rar SAGA2x20.part4.rar

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    Stargate Atlantis – Seasons 1η, 2η, 3η, 4η – All Episodes (2004-2008) Empty Stargate Atlantis Season 3

    Mesazh  web-shqip prej Sat Nov 14, 2009 3:45 am

    Stargate Atlantis Season 3

    This season concentrates on more character driven stories. Along with new insight on the characters, the expedition discovers a new threat, one that could be the pre-cursor to the Replicators. Some important characters leave the series in this season, and the fate of Atlantis once again is in the hands of the Tau'ri.

    Season 3, Episode 1: No Man's Land

    Original Air Date: 14 July 2006
    After the Wraith betrayed the expedition (Allies), they head to Earth with McKay and Ronon. Meanwhile, Elizabeth must answer to the IOA due to her actions during the short-lived alliance, and Sheppard must stop the hive ships from reaching Earth, whatever the cost. SAGA3X01.part1.rar SAGA3X01.part2.rar SAGA3X01.part3.rar SAGA3X01.part4.rar

    Season 3, Episode 2: Misbegotten

    Original Air Date: 21 July 2006
    After using the retro-virus to turn an entire hive into humans, they create a Stargate-less colony for them to live until a more permanent solution is found. All the while, Richard Woolsey arrives at Atlantis to observe Dr. Weir to see if she's fit to lead the expedition. SAGA3X02.part1.rar SAGA3X02.part2.rar SAGA3X02.part3.rar SAGA3X02.part4.rar

    Season 3, Episode 3: Irresistible

    Original Air Date: 28 July 2006
    The Atlantis team encounters a village that adore one man to the point of insanity. He claims to have medicines to offer the team, but when Beckett investigates, he brings the man back to Atlantis smitten by the man's charm. Soon, the entire expedition falls under his spell. SAGA3X03.part1.rar SAGA3X03.part2.rar SAGA3X03.part3.rar SAGA3X03.part4.rar

    Season 3, Episode 4: Sateda

    Original Air Date: 4 August 2006
    When Ronon becomes a prisoner offworld, his captors hand him over to the Wraith, who take him to his homeworld. There, he is forced to once again become their prey, but witness to his capture, Sheppard's team races to Sateda to return him to his new home. SAGA3X04.part1.rar SAGA3X04.part2.rar SAGA3X04.part3.rar SAGA3X04.part4.rar

    Season 3, Episode 5: Progeny

    Original Air Date: 11 August 2006
    The Atlantis expedition encounters a highly advanced race, the Asurans. Who they at first believe to be the ancients. However, this new race is just a new face of an old nemesis. SAGA3X05.part1.rar SAGA3X05.part2.rar SAGA3X05.part3.rar SAGA3X05.part4.rar

    Season 3, Episode 6: The Real World

    Original Air Date: 18 August 2006
    Dr Weir finds herself on Earth where, to everyone else, the Atlantis Expedition was just her delusion. SAGA3X06.part1.rar SAGA3X06.part2.rar SAGA3X06.part3.rar SAGA3X06.part4.rar

    Season 3, Episode 7: Common Ground

    Original Air Date: 25 August 2006
    John Sheppard is kidnapped by the Genii and is in the company of a Wraith. SAGA3X07.part1.rar SAGA3X07.part2.rar SAGA3X07.part3.rar SAGA3X07.part4.rar

    Season 3, Episode 8: McKay and Mrs. Miller

    Original Air Date: 8 September 2006
    Rodney's sister is brought to Atlantis to make use of one of her theories. SAGA3X08.part1.rar SAGA3X08.part2.rar SAGA3X08.part3.rar SAGA3X08.part4.rar

    Season 3, Episode 9: Phantoms

    Original Air Date: 15 September 2006
    A device that creates hallucinations affects the team off-world. SAGA3X09.part1.rar SAGA3X09.part2.rar SAGA3X09.part3.rar SAGA3X09.part4.rar

    Season 3, Episode 10: The Return: Part 1

    Original Air Date: 22 September 2006
    The Atlantis expedition must turn to an old friend for help as the Asurans prepare to invade the city. SAGA3X10.part1.rar SAGA3X10.part2.rar SAGA3X10.part3.rar SAGA3X10.part4.rar

    Season 3, Episode 11: The Return: Part 2

    Original Air Date: 20 November 2006
    The team returns to Atlantis in an attempt to regain control of the city. SAGA3X11.part1.rar SAGA3X11.part2.rar SAGA3X11.part3.rar SAGA3X11.part4.rar

    Season 3, Episode 12: Echoes

    Original Air Date: 27 November 2006
    Teyla witnesses what appear to be an Ancient apparitions, which soon other people start to see. SAGA3X12.part1.rar SAGA3X12.part2.rar SAGA3X12.part3.rar SAGA3X12.part4.rar

    Season 3, Episode 13: Irresponsible

    Original Air Date: 4 December 2006
    The team investigate rumours of an invincible hero off-world, only to find Lucius Lavin again manipulating a hapless village. SAGA3X13.part1.rar SAGA3X13.part2.rar SAGA3X13.part3.rar SAGA3X13.part4.rar

    Season 3, Episode 14: Tao of Rodney

    Original Air Date: 11 December 2006
    When Rodney uses an Ancient device, he gets special powers, but soon Dr Weir discovers it's a double-handled gift: if he doesn't ascend, he'll die. SAGA3X14.part1.rar SAGA3X14.part2.rar SAGA3X14.part3.rar SAGA3X14.part4.rar

    Season 3, Episode 15: The Game

    Original Air Date: 18 December 2006
    The Atlantis team finds a program in the Atlantis database which throws Mckay and Sheppard into a Simsesque game that could destroy two civilizations in the Pegasus Galaxy. SAGA3X15.part1.rar SAGA3X15.part2.rar SAGA3X15.part3.rar SAGA3X15.part4.rar

    Season 3, Episode 16: The Ark

    Original Air Date: 8 January 2007
    The team boards a crippled space station to discover people have been preserved there with the hope to outlive their enemy, the Wraith. SAGA3X16.part1.rar SAGA3X16.part2.rar SAGA3X16.part3.rar SAGA3X16.part4.rar

    Season 3, Episode 17: Sunday

    Original Air Date: 15 January 2007
    Almost every member of the Atlantis expedition has a day off. Some of them are enjoying their free time or are catching up on some old work. The Sunday, a day like no other, suddenly turns bad and it appears that a lot of people are in danger. SAGA3X17.part1.rar SAGA3X17.part2.rar SAGA3X17.part3.rar SAGA3X17.part4.rar

    Season 3, Episode 18: Submersion

    Original Air Date: 22 January 2007
    The Atlantis team finds an Ancient underwater research facility and puts a team together to check it out. SAGA3X18.part1.rar SAGA3X18.part2.rar SAGA3X18.part3.rar SAGA3X18.part4.rar

    Season 3, Episode 19: Vengeance

    Original Air Date: 29 January 2007
    After losing contact with the new Taranin (the people rescued by the Atlantis team when a super volcano threatened to destroy their planet) settlement, Sheppard's team leaves to investigate. Finding the town deserted, they move to investigate an extensive subterranean tunnel system. What they find there holds dark tidings for the entire Pegasus Galaxy. SAGA3X19.part1.rar SAGA3X19.part2.rar SAGA3X19.part3.rar SAGA3X19.part4.rar

    Season 3, Episode 20: First Strike

    Original Air Date: 5 February 2007
    After learning the Asurians are building a fleet of ships, Earth sends it's newest ship, the Apollo, under the command of Colonel Abe Ellis to initiate a preemptive first strike to stop them from attacking Atlantis or worse, Earth itself. SAGA3X20.part1.rar SAGA3X20.part2.rar SAGA3X20.part3.rar SAGA3X20.part4.rar

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    Stargate Atlantis – Seasons 1η, 2η, 3η, 4η – All Episodes (2004-2008) Empty Stargate Atlantis Season 4

    Mesazh  web-shqip prej Sat Nov 14, 2009 3:47 am

    Stargate Atlantis Season 4

    Season 4, Episode 1: Adrift
    Original Air Date: 28 September 2007
    After escaping the Asuran satellite weapon, Atlantis encounters further problems as their shield begins to severely deplete their taxed ZPM. With little resources, the team undertakes a myriad of repairs, while Dr. McKay and Dr. Keller are forced to make a tough decision. SAGA4X01.part1.rar SAGA4X01.part2.rar SAGA4X01.part3.rar SAGA4X01.part4.rar

    Season 4, Episode 2: Lifeline
    Original Air Date: 5 October 2007
    Colonel Sheppard's team and Dr. Weir must plan a daring infiltration of the Asuran homeworld, to steal a ZPM from the Replicators, power up Atlantis, and head to their new home. Meanwhile, Colonel Samantha Carter and the Apollo try and search for the lost city. SAGA4X02.part1.rar SAGA4X02.part2.rar SAGA4X02.part3.rar SAGA4X02.part4.rar

    Season 4, Episode 3: Reunion
    Original Air Date: 12 October 2007
    When Ronon finds his old companions, they tell how they survived when Sateda fell. Carter, new head of Atlantis, is reluctant to bring them to Atlantis, causing Ronon to decide whether to stay or live with his former allies, who harbor dark secrets on how they really survived. SAGA4X03.part1.rar SAGA4X03.part2.rar SAGA4X03.part3.rar SAGA4X03.part4.rar

    Season 4, Episode 4: Doppelganger
    Original Air Date: 19 October 2007
    After coming across a crystalline species similar to one that Jack O'Neill encountered ten years ago, Sheppard inadvertently carries it back to Atlantis after contact with it. As it moves into other members, it's bent on destroying them in nightmares in the form of Sheppard. SAGA4X04.part1.rar SAGA4X04.part2.rar SAGA4X04.part3.rar SAGA4X04.part4.rar

    Season 4, Episode 5: Travelers
    Original Air Date: 26 October 2007
    Sheppard is captured by a race of humans that have lived for generations in space to avoid any Wraith contact, and have heard of rumors about a powerful enemy against the Wraith, the Atlantis Expedition. Now they intend to use Sheppard to activate an Ancient Warship. SAGA4X05.part1.rar SAGA4X05.part2.rar SAGA4X05.part3.rar SAGA4X05.part4.rar

    Season 4, Episode 6: Tabula Rasa
    Original Air Date: 2 November 2007
    A deadly disease courses through Atlantis, causing the entire expedition to lose their memories. The only catch is that Teyla and Ronon haven't, and they must convince everyone to work together and find a cure, before their memories are gone forever. SAGA4X06.part1.rar SAGA4X06.part2.rar SAGA4X06.part3.rar SAGA4X06.part4.rar

    Season 4, Episode 7: Missing
    Original Air Date: 9 November 2007
    While on an offworld trip to New Athos, Teyla and Dr. Jennifer Keller find that the Athosian settlement has been abandoned, in the wake of the arrival of primitive warriors, who don't want them to get off of the planet alive, which raises a larger question, where are the Athosians? SAGA4X07.part1.rar SAGA4X07.part2.rar SAGA4X07.part3.rar SAGA4X07.part4.rar

    Season 4, Episode 8: The Seer
    Original Air Date: 16 November 2007
    Searching for the Athosians, the team finds Davos, a man who can see into the future, and he brings grave news about the destruction of Atlantis. Meanwhile, the Wraith captured by Kolya nearly a year ago, proposes an alliance, to shut down the Replicator attack code. SAGA4X08.part1.rar SAGA4X08.part2.rar SAGA4X08.part3.rar SAGA4X08.part4.rar

    Season 4, Episode 9: Miller's Crossing
    Original Air Date: 30 November 2007
    Jeannie Miller is kidnapped by Henry Wallace on Earth, after Wallace determines that only she and her brother can save his childʼs life using nanotechnology. McKay comes to the rescue, but inadvertently gets captured too, and the two must prevent Wallace's daughter's death. SAGA4X09.part1.rar SAGA4X09.part2.rar SAGA4X09.part3.rar SAGA4X09.part4.rar

    Season 4, Episode 10: This Mortal Coil
    Original Air Date: 7 December 2007
    After a mysterious Ancient drone collides into Atlantis, the team must wonder if the Replicators may have found the city... and if Davos' prediction about the destruction of the lost city will come true. Yet, things become even stranger, when Elizabeth Weir reappears. SAGA4X10.part1.rar SAGA4X10.part2.rar SAGA4X10.part3.rar SAGA4X10.part4.rar

    Season 4, Episode 11: Be All My Sins Remembered
    Original Air Date: 4 January 2008
    The team hopes to eliminate the Replicators once and for all, by recruiting a fleet of Hives to fight alongside the Daedalus and the Apollo. Unfortunately, not many ships flock to the cause, and the expedition might cause a chain of events that they won't be able to contain. SAGA4X11.part1.rar SAGA4X11.part2.rar SAGA4X11.part3.rar SAGA4X11.part4.rar

    Season 4, Episode 12: Spoils of War
    Original Air Date: 11 January 2008
    The Atlantis team successfully salvages a partially damaged Hive ship from their previous actions concerning their fight against the Replicators, and in the process, retrieve some critical information that may help in their never-ending battle against the Wraith. SAGA4X12.part1.rar SAGA4X12.part2.rar SAGA4X12.part3.rar SAGA4X12.part4.rar

    Season 4, Episode 13: Quarantine
    Original Air Date: 18 January 2008
    An imposed lockdown of Atlantis traps several personnel in various parts of the city with people that they never expected, threatening to challenge various relationships that are spread throughout the entire expedition... and allowing others to bloom. SAGA4X13.part1.rar SAGA4X13.part2.rar SAGA4X13.part3.rar SAGA4X13.part4.rar

    Season 4, Episode 14: Harmony
    Original Air Date: 25 January 2008
    Offworld on a familiar planet, Sheppard and McKay agree to escort a princess, Harmony, to some ruins where she can assume the title of queen. On their simple and routine mission, they find that a Genii contingent is hunting Harmony down, by orders of her own sister. SAGA4X14.part1.rar SAGA4X14.part2.rar SAGA4X14.part3.rar SAGA4X14.part4.rar

    Season 4, Episode 15: Outcast
    Original Air Date: 1 February 2008
    When Sheppard's father dies, he and Ronon return to earth to mourn his loss, but also discover that there has been an outbreak: A human-form replicator on the loose. Upon further investigation, they discover that it was actually created illegally by scientists on Earth. SAGA4X15.part1.rar SAGA4X15.part2.rar SAGA4X15.part3.rar SAGA4X15.part4.rar

    Season 4, Episode 16: Trio
    Original Air Date: 8 February 2008
    While offworld, Dr. McKay, Dr. Keller, and Col. Carter become locked in an underground cavern, with no apparent means for escape. To wile away the long hours, the three try to make the best of it, and attempt to get to know each other a little bit better. SAGA4X16.part1.rar SAGA4X16.part2.rar SAGA4X16.part3.rar SAGA4X16.part4.rar

    Season 4, Episode 17: Midway
    Original Air Date: 15 February 2008
    As a request from Col. Carter, Teal'c makes a journey to Atlantis to help out Ronon, when he comes up for review by the I.O.A. After tensions rise between the two warriors, they learn disturbing news... a group of Wraith have made it to the Midway station, and Earth. SAGA4X17.part1.rar SAGA4X17.part2.rar SAGA4X17.part3.rar SAGA4X17.part4.rar

    Season 4, Episode 18: The Kindred: Part 1
    Original Air Date: 22 February 2008
    As a mysterious new illness spreads throughout the Pegasus Galaxy, Teyla is convinced that the father of her child is trying to communicate with her through telepathic visions about what this plague is... but it turns out to be another face that Atlantis is familiar with. SAGA4X18.part1.rar SAGA4X18.part2.rar SAGA4X18.part3.rar SAGA4X18.part4.rar

    Season 4, Episode 19: The Kindred: Part 2
    Original Air Date: 29 February 2008
    The team is stunned when Carson Beckett turns out to be alive and Teyla is captured. In order for her to return to Atlantis, the team must perform a daring rescue mission that could play right into Michael's plans. Teyla discovers important information about her people. SAGA4X19.part1.rar SAGA4X19.part2.rar SAGA4X19.part3.rar SAGA4X19.part4.rar

    Season 4, Episode 20: The Last Man
    Original Air Date: 7 March 2008
    When Sheppard returns from a routine mission, he finds that Atlantis has been abandoned by everyone, and the city is surrounded by nothing but sand dunes for miles. Now, as the last man in the city, he must uncover the reason for this strange turn of events. SAGA4X20.part1.rar SAGA4X20.part2.rar SAGA4X20.part3.rar SAGA4X20.part4.rar

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    Stargate Atlantis – Seasons 1η, 2η, 3η, 4η – All Episodes (2004-2008) Empty Stargate Atlantis - Season 5 (720p.HDTV.x264)

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    Stargate Atlantis - Season 5 (720p.HDTV.x264)

    Κώδικας: όπου χρειαστεί:
    http://irfree.comEpisode 1 (720p x264 DD5.1-M794)ΧΩΡΙΣ PASSWORD

    Κώδικας: sga.s05e01.720p.hdtv.x264-lolcats.part1.rar sga.s05e01.720p.hdtv.x264-lolcats.part2.rar sga.s05e01.720p.hdtv.x264-lolcats.part3.rar sga.s05e01.720p.hdtv.x264-lolcats.part4.rar sga.s05e01.720p.hdtv.x264-lolcats.part5.rar sga.s05e01.720p.hdtv.x264-lolcats.part6.rar sga.s05e01.720p.hdtv.x264-lolcats.part7.rarΕναλλακτικά Links

    Stargate Atlantis S05E01 720p x264 DD5.1-M794
    ΧΩΡΙΣ PASSWORD searchandrescue.part01.rar searchandrescue.part02.rar searchandrescue.part03.rar searchandrescue.part04.rar searchandrescue.part05.rar searchandrescue.part06.rar searchandrescue.part07.rar searchandrescue.part08.rar searchandrescue.part09.rar searchandrescue.part10.rar searchandrescue.part11.rar searchandrescue.part12.rar searchandrescue.part13.rar searchandrescue.part14.rar searchandrescue.part15.rar searchandrescue.part16.rar

    Episode 2 (720p HDTV X264 DIMENSION) ΧΩΡΙΣ PASSWORD theseed.part01.rar theseed.part02.rar theseed.part03.rar theseed.part04.rar theseed.part05.rar theseed.part06.rar theseed.part07.rar theseed.part08.rar theseed.part09.rar theseed.part10.rar theseed.part11.rar theseed.part12.rar

    Episode 3 (720p HDTV x264-aAF) ΧΩΡΙΣ PASSWORD brokenties.part01.rar brokenties.part02.rar brokenties.part03.rar brokenties.part04.rar brokenties.part05.rar brokenties.part06.rar brokenties.part07.rar brokenties.part08.rar brokenties.part09.rar brokenties.part10.rar brokenties.part11.rar brokenties.part12.rar

    Episode 4 (720p.HDTV.x264-2HD) ΧΩΡΙΣ PASSWORD DaedalusVariations.part01.rar DaedalusVariations.part02.rar DaedalusVariations.part03.rar DaedalusVariations.part04.rar DaedalusVariations.part05.rar DaedalusVariations.part06.rar DaedalusVariations.part07.rar DaedalusVariations.part08.rar DaedalusVariations.part09.rar DaedalusVariations.part10.rar DaedalusVariations.part11.rar DaedalusVariations.part12.rar

    Episode 5 (720p HDTV x264-CTU) ΧΩΡΙΣ PASSWORD sga.505.720p.ctu.part01.rar sga.505.720p.ctu.part02.rar sga.505.720p.ctu.part03.rar sga.505.720p.ctu.part04.rar sga.505.720p.ctu.part05.rar sga.505.720p.ctu.part06.rar sga.505.720p.ctu.part07.rar sga.505.720p.ctu.part08.rar sga.505.720p.ctu.part09.rar sga.505.720p.ctu.part10.rar sga.505.720p.ctu.part11.rar sga.505.720p.ctu.part12.rar

    Episode 6 (720p x264 DD5.1-M794) ΧΩΡΙΣ PASSWORD sga.506.720p.bajskorv.part01.rar sga.506.720p.bajskorv.part02.rar sga.506.720p.bajskorv.part03.rar sga.506.720p.bajskorv.part04.rar sga.506.720p.bajskorv.part05.rar sga.506.720p.bajskorv.part06.rar sga.506.720p.bajskorv.part07.rar sga.506.720p.bajskorv.part08.rar sga.506.720p.bajskorv.part09.rar sga.506.720p.bajskorv.part10.rar sga.506.720p.bajskorv.part11.rar sga.506.720p.bajskorv.part12.rar

    Episode 7 (720p HDTV x264-2HD) ΧΩΡΙΣ PASSWORD sga.507.720p.2hd.part01.rar sga.507.720p.2hd.part02.rar sga.507.720p.2hd.part03.rar sga.507.720p.2hd.part04.rar sga.507.720p.2hd.part05.rar sga.507.720p.2hd.part06.rar sga.507.720p.2hd.part07.rar sga.507.720p.2hd.part08.rar sga.507.720p.2hd.part09.rar sga.507.720p.2hd.part10.rar sga.507.720p.2hd.part11.rar

    Episode 8 (720p x264 DD5.1-M794) ΧΩΡΙΣ PASSWORD sga.508.720p.hv.part01.rar sga.508.720p.hv.part02.rar sga.508.720p.hv.part03.rar sga.508.720p.hv.part04.rar sga.508.720p.hv.part05.rar sga.508.720p.hv.part06.rar sga.508.720p.hv.part07.rar sga.508.720p.hv.part08.rar sga.508.720p.hv.part09.rar sga.508.720p.hv.part10.rar sga.508.720p.hv.part11.rar sga.508.720p.hv.part12.rar

    Episode 9 (720P HDTV x264-hV) ΧΩΡΙΣ PASSWORD sga.509.720p.hv.part01.rar sga.509.720p.hv.part02.rar sga.509.720p.hv.part03.rar sga.509.720p.hv.part04.rar sga.509.720p.hv.part05.rar sga.509.720p.hv.part06.rar sga.509.720p.hv.part07.rar sga.509.720p.hv.part08.rar sga.509.720p.hv.part09.rar sga.509.720p.hv.part10.rar sga.509.720p.hv.part11.rar sga.509.720p.hv.part12.rar

    Episode 10 (720p HDTV x264-2HD) ΧΩΡΙΣ PASSWORD sga.510.720p.2hd.part01.rar sga.510.720p.2hd.part02.rar sga.510.720p.2hd.part03.rar sga.510.720p.2hd.part04.rar sga.510.720p.2hd.part05.rar sga.510.720p.2hd.part06.rar sga.510.720p.2hd.part07.rar sga.510.720p.2hd.part08.rar sga.510.720p.2hd.part09.rar sga.510.720p.2hd.part10.rar sga.510.720p.2hd.part11.rar sga.510.720p.2hd.part12.rar

    Episode 11 (720p HDTV x264-CTU) ΧΩΡΙΣ PASSWORD sga.511.720p.ctu.part01.rar sga.511.720p.ctu.part02.rar sga.511.720p.ctu.part03.rar sga.511.720p.ctu.part04.rar sga.511.720p.ctu.part05.rar sga.511.720p.ctu.part06.rar sga.511.720p.ctu.part07.rar sga.511.720p.ctu.part08.rar sga.511.720p.ctu.part09.rar sga.511.720p.ctu.part10.rar sga.511.720p.ctu.part11.rar sga.511.720p.ctu.part12.rar

    Episode 12 (720p HDTV x264-CTU) ΧΩΡΙΣ PASSWORD sga.512.720p.ctu.part01.rar sga.512.720p.ctu.part02.rar sga.512.720p.ctu.part03.rar sga.512.720p.ctu.part04.rar sga.512.720p.ctu.part05.rar sga.512.720p.ctu.part06.rar sga.512.720p.ctu.part07.rar sga.512.720p.ctu.part08.rar sga.512.720p.ctu.part09.rar sga.512.720p.ctu.part10.rar sga.512.720p.ctu.part11.rar sga.512.720p.ctu.part12.rar

    Episode 13 (720p HDTV x264-CTU) ΧΩΡΙΣ PASSWORD sga.513.720p.ctu.part01.rar sga.513.720p.ctu.part02.rar sga.513.720p.ctu.part03.rar sga.513.720p.ctu.part04.rar sga.513.720p.ctu.part05.rar sga.513.720p.ctu.part06.rar sga.513.720p.ctu.part07.rar sga.513.720p.ctu.part08.rar sga.513.720p.ctu.part09.rar sga.513.720p.ctu.part10.rar sga.513.720p.ctu.part11.rar sga.513.720p.ctu.part12.rar

    Episode 14 (720p HDTV x264-CTU) ΧΩΡΙΣ PASSWORD sga.514.720p.ctu.part01.rar sga.514.720p.ctu.part02.rar sga.514.720p.ctu.part03.rar sga.514.720p.ctu.part04.rar sga.514.720p.ctu.part05.rar sga.514.720p.ctu.part06.rar sga.514.720p.ctu.part07.rar sga.514.720p.ctu.part08.rar sga.514.720p.ctu.part09.rar sga.514.720p.ctu.part10.rar sga.514.720p.ctu.part11.rar sga.514.720p.ctu.part12.rar

    Episode 15 (720p HDTV x264-CTU) ΧΩΡΙΣ PASSWORD sga.515.720p.ctu.part01.rar sga.515.720p.ctu.part02.rar sga.515.720p.ctu.part03.rar sga.515.720p.ctu.part04.rar sga.515.720p.ctu.part05.rar sga.515.720p.ctu.part06.rar sga.515.720p.ctu.part07.rar sga.515.720p.ctu.part08.rar sga.515.720p.ctu.part09.rar sga.515.720p.ctu.part10.rar sga.515.720p.ctu.part11.rar sga.515.720p.ctu.part12.rar

    Episode 16 (720p HDTV x264-CTU) ΧΩΡΙΣ PASSWORD sga.516.720p.ctu.part01.rar sga.516.720p.ctu.part02.rar sga.516.720p.ctu.part03.rar sga.516.720p.ctu.part04.rar sga.516.720p.ctu.part05.rar sga.516.720p.ctu.part06.rar sga.516.720p.ctu.part07.rar sga.516.720p.ctu.part08.rar sga.516.720p.ctu.part09.rar sga.516.720p.ctu.part10.rar sga.516.720p.ctu.part11.rar sga.516.720p.ctu.part12.rar

    Episode 17 (720p HDTV x264-CTU) ΧΩΡΙΣ PASSWORD sga.517.720p.ctu.part01.rar sga.517.720p.ctu.part02.rar sga.517.720p.ctu.part03.rar sga.517.720p.ctu.part04.rar sga.517.720p.ctu.part05.rar sga.517.720p.ctu.part06.rar sga.517.720p.ctu.part07.rar sga.517.720p.ctu.part08.rar sga.517.720p.ctu.part09.rar sga.517.720p.ctu.part10.rar sga.517.720p.ctu.part11.rar sga.517.720p.ctu.part12.rar

    Episode 18 (720p.HDTV.x264-aAF) ΧΩΡΙΣ PASSWORD sga.518.720p.aaf.part01.rar sga.518.720p.aaf.part02.rar sga.518.720p.aaf.part03.rar sga.518.720p.aaf.part04.rar sga.518.720p.aaf.part05.rar sga.518.720p.aaf.part06.rar sga.518.720p.aaf.part07.rar sga.518.720p.aaf.part08.rar sga.518.720p.aaf.part09.rar sga.518.720p.aaf.part10.rar sga.518.720p.aaf.part11.rar sga.518.720p.aaf.part12.rar

    Episode 19 (720p.HDTV.x264-aAF) ΧΩΡΙΣ PASSWORD sga.519.720p.aaf.part01.rar sga.519.720p.aaf.part02.rar sga.519.720p.aaf.part03.rar sga.519.720p.aaf.part04.rar sga.519.720p.aaf.part05.rar sga.519.720p.aaf.part06.rar sga.519.720p.aaf.part07.rar sga.519.720p.aaf.part08.rar sga.519.720p.aaf.part09.rar sga.519.720p.aaf.part10.rar sga.519.720p.aaf.part11.rar sga.519.720p.aaf.part12.rar

    Episode 20 (720p HDTV x264-CTU) ΧΩΡΙΣ PASSWORD sga.520.720p.ctu.part01.rar sga.520.720p.ctu.part02.rar sga.520.720p.ctu.part03.rar sga.520.720p.ctu.part04.rar sga.520.720p.ctu.part05.rar sga.520.720p.ctu.part06.rar sga.520.720p.ctu.part07.rar sga.520.720p.ctu.part08.rar sga.520.720p.ctu.part09.rar sga.520.720p.ctu.part10.rar sga.520.720p.ctu.part11.rar sga.520.720p.ctu.part12.rar

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    Stargate Atlantis – Seasons 1η, 2η, 3η, 4η – All Episodes (2004-2008) Empty Re: Stargate Atlantis – Seasons 1η, 2η, 3η, 4η – All Episodes (2004-2008)

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