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    The Substitute - 1 - 4 Empty The Substitute - 1 - 4

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    The Substitute (1996) DVDRip

    The Substitute - 1 - 4 The_su11

    After he did some jobs for CIA, ex-marine John Shale is visiting his high school love Jane. She's now a teacher in Columbus High School in Miami. Soon after his arriving Jane has her knee cap broken while jogging. After that, John decides to go undercover as her substitute in high school. Very soon he finds out that gang named Kings of Destruction is terrorizing the school. Shale is going to give everything to stop them, even his own life. The_Substitute.part01.rar The_Substitute.part02.rar The_Substitute.part03.rar The_Substitute.part04.rar The_Substitute.part05.rar The_Substitute.part06.rar The_Substitute.part07.rar The_Substitute.part08.rar The_Substitute.part09.rar The_Substitute.part10.rar The_Substitute.part11.rar The_Substitute.part12.rar The_Substitute.part13.rar The_Substitute.part14.rar The_Substitute.part15.rar

    The Substitute 2: School's Out (1998) DVDRip

    The Substitute - 1 - 4 The_su12

    Professional mercenary Karl Thomasson arrives in Brooklyn to attend the funeral of his brother Randall, who was murdered while trying to stop a carjacking that has been blamed on the "Brotherhood", a vicious street gang led by "Little B" (played by Guru). Karl, who believes there is something more to it, goes undercover as Randall's replacement at Lenthrop High School in Brooklyn, where Randall was a history teacher, so Karl can investigate the Brotherhood... The_Substitute_2.part01.rar The_Substitute_2.part02.rar The_Substitute_2.part03.rar The_Substitute_2.part04.rar The_Substitute_2.part05.rar The_Substitute_2.part06.rar The_Substitute_2.part07.rar The_Substitute_2.part08.rar The_Substitute_2.part09.rar The_Substitute_2.part10.rar The_Substitute_2.part11.rar The_Substitute_2.part12.rar The_Substitute_2.part13.rar The_Substitute_2.part14.rar The_Substitute_2.part15.rar

    Ο Αντικαταστάτης 3 (The Substitute 3)

    The Substitute 3 - Winner Takes All (1999)

    The Substitute - 1 - 4 The_su10

    Ο επαγγελματίας μισθοφόρος Καρλ Τόμασον, ο φίλος του Μέισι και μια κοπέλα κρατούνται όμηροι σε μια φυλακή στο Κόσοβο. Μετά από φρικτά βασανιστήρια και λίγο πριν πεθάνει, ο Μέισι δίνει στον Καρλ ένα μενταγιόν παρακαλώντας τον να το παραδώσει στην κόρη του, Νικόλ Στιούαρτ, καθηγήτρια αγγλικής φιλολογίας σε πανεπιστήμιο της Νέας Υόρκης. Τελικά ο Καρλ και η κοπέλα καταφέρνουν να αποδράσουν και τρεις μήνες αργότερα ο πρώτος επισκέπτεται τη Νικόλ και της παραδίνει το μενταγιόν. Όταν ξαφνικά ο Καρλ πληροφορείται πως η Νικόλ έχει πέσει θύμα κακοποίησης και βρίσκεται στο νοσοκομείο, αποφασίζει να πάρει εκδίκηση. Υιοθετώντας πλαστή ταυτότητα, ο Καρλ υποδύεται τον αντικαταστάτη της Νικόλ στο πανεπιστήμιο, αποφασισμένος να ανακαλύψει τον ένοχο...

    Eίδος: Περιπέτεια
    Ηθοποιοί: Τριτ Γουίλιαμς, Ρεμπέκα Σταμπ
    Σκηνοθεσία: Ρόμπερτ Ράνταλ
    Σενάριο: Ρόκο Σιμονέλι The_Substitute_3.part01.rar The_Substitute_3.part02.rar The_Substitute_3.part03.rar The_Substitute_3.part04.rar The_Substitute_3.part05.rar The_Substitute_3.part06.rar The_Substitute_3.part07.rar The_Substitute_3.part08.rar The_Substitute_3.part09.rar The_Substitute_3.part10.rar The_Substitute_3.part11.rar The_Substitute_3.part12.rar The_Substitute_3.part13.rar The_Substitute_3.part14.rar The_Substitute_3.part15.rar

    The Substitute 4: Failure Is Not an Option (2001) DVDRip

    The Substitute - 1 - 4 Sub410

    A former mercernary (Treat Williams) joins a military academy as a teacher. He soon discovers a neo-Nazi group, code-named Werewolves, formed among the cadets. He also quickly finds that they have military leadership among the officers at the Academy. The_Substitute_4.part01.rar The_Substitute_4.part02.rar The_Substitute_4.part03.rar The_Substitute_4.part04.rar The_Substitute_4.part05.rar The_Substitute_4.part06.rar The_Substitute_4.part07.rar The_Substitute_4.part08.rar The_Substitute_4.part09.rar The_Substitute_4.part10.rar The_Substitute_4.part11.rar The_Substitute_4.part12.rar The_Substitute_4.part13.rar The_Substitute_4.part14.rar The_Substitute_4.part15.rar

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